Baby Oliver says I love you

Orb say I love you for the 1st time. He’s so smart, not even 3 months yet.

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Oliver the Orb


Thanks for making your way to my blog. Since I can’t type yet, my mama or dad will be keeping this up until I can type. So you most likely found me because of that viral video of me waking up: Well there will be many more videos as I grow up so stay tuned. I will try to keep you informed on everything going on. Right now it’s just crazy. My video is everywhere, it was even shown on the Today show: My dad talked about me on the radio stations kzst and ktry. We have been interviewed by Abc, CBS and the Huffington Post. And tons of other places too.

I have a new video where I say I love you:

So stay tuned in.
As it happens to me,
you will know about it.


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