Baby ORB update month 4

Monthly update with Oliver the Orb. 4 months and growing. 10-19-12

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I can swing my sword parody (I can sing to ORB)

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The Pumpkin Patch ~ Making memories

ORB and mama with pumpkins

ORB and mama at pumpkin patch

We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday with ORB and picked out some pumpkins. We had fun, but here is what I’m wondering; is it a waste on ORB who is almost 4 months old? Will any of this stuff be in his memories later in his life? I have no doubt that taking him to Disneyland right now would be a waste, but what else is? I want to make sure he has the fullest experiences I can give him. At Christmas this year he will be on Santa’s knee, but again is that for him or me? (and no I didn’t mean to rhyme there).

~ Dad of ORB

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Baby ORB vs. mirror BRO ~ The Rematch

This time baby ORB had no problem with mirror BRO. Even went for a headbutt at the end.

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Stay at home dad with ORB

Coming to the end of week 2 of being a stay at home dad (WAHD) I think this will work out. He hasn’t killed me yet ūüėČ ORB’s mama would rather not be at work, but we¬†appreciated¬†her doing the hard job so we can have health care. We do go see her for lunch everyday, so that’s a positive. And as far as the ‘stay at home’ part, we are out and about more often then not. ORB is still working on crawling, so we do lots of belly time right now. He’s still exclusively breast-feed there for I’ve made a system for having his milk ready when we’re out and about. This includes a portable fridge, a bottle warmer, and a power-dome to plug it all in.

Man, this writing is tough. It’s been awhile for me. And since ORB is only 3 months old, not much to write about. The videos are so much¬†easier. And yes I look for the¬†easiest¬†way to do everything!

That’s it for now. Let me know what you would like to hear about, it will make writing these blogs¬†easier.



~ Dad


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ORB with Cody ~ So Cute!

Baby ORB is having fun at our coffee shop, Aromas, with our friend Cody.
Cody’s YouTube channel is:¬†

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Playlist of ORB’s videos so far

These are ORB’s videos from his youtube channel ForTheORB. Enjoy!

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